Stacy Tilton Reviews: Save on Entertainment Books

Monday, February 11

Save on Entertainment Books

Monday, February 11th and Thursday and February 14th, all 2013 Entertainment Books will be on sale for $14 off with free shipping in honor of Valentine’s Day.

As you look to add variety to your Valentine’s Day, please keep Entertainment in mind.

Entertainment® (, a leading provider in discounts and promotional products allows consumers to save money on activities they do on a regular basis such as dining out, going to the movies, grocery shopping travel and much more. On average, the 2013 books have over $50,000 in savings!

This week, Entertainment has great deals on flowers, chocolates, gifts, and much more of a loved one’s favorite Valentine’s Day treats!


  1. i love these books!

  2. I love these books! Thanks for sharing the deal

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