Thursday, December 13

Annoying Orange - Laugh out loud fun!

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for unique gifts to have on hand. The products in the Annoying Orange line are perfect for just that. They are both creative, and a lot of fun to play with. I received one of the Annoying Orange Talking Playfaces and used it for our white elephant party at church.Everyone had so much fun playing with it, I couldn't believe the way they kept stealing it from each other during the game. Orange Talking Playfaces
Kids can snuggle up with their favorite Annoying Orange kitchen crew character with the new Talking Playfaces. With a click of a button, the soft and squishy Playfaces say funny jokes, puns and classic phrases from the Annoying Orange series.  At 12” in size, they are easy to take on-the-go or fun to hang out with at home. Ages: 4+. SRP: $14.99. Sold at Toys R Us.

Annoying Orange Fresh Talking Target Game
Take aim at an annoying target with the Annoying Orange Fresh Talking Target Game. Kids can easily hang the board in their desired location…and let the playing begin!  Annoying Orange and the Kitchen Crew challenge players with funny jokes and heckles like, “Hey! Hey Player! What kind of throw was that?!” This set includes six balls for endless play (and great for multiple players).  Ages: 4+. SRP: $21.99. Sold at Toys R Us.

Annoying Orange and Midget Apple Molded Earbuds
Decorate your digi-gear with these toothy attachments. The headphones have an in-line mic and feature mini-Annoying Orange or Midget Apple earbuds. Ages:10+.SRP: $14.99.Sold at Toys R Us.

Annoying Orange and Midget Apple iPhone Cases
Annoying Orange and Midget Apple will be coming to an iPhone near you this holiday season. iPhone hard shell case featuring your two favorite fruits for iPhone 4/4S. Ages: 10+. SRP: $14.99. Sold at Toys R Us.

Talking Fresh Squeezed Annoying Orange Plush
Each fresh talker is soft plush with photo-realistic features to reflect the characters who everyone knows and loves! With a soft squeeze, these kitchen crew members come to life! Includes TRY ME  feature, so you get to hear the same jokes and puns from the YouTube series such as “I’m not irritating, I’m an Orange!,” "Hey...hey Apple!" and "Two’s company, cheese is a crowd.”  Available in all new styles. Ages: 7+. SRP: $9.99. Sold at Toys R Us.

Annoying Orange Talking Kitchen Crew Collectible
These plastic talking collectibles are textured with detail and include TRY ME feature to hear the classic jokes and puns from each Kitchen Crew member. Each 2.5” figure is packaged in a gift-like window box for added collectability. Collect them all: 4 Orange styles, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow and Passion Fruit. Available in all new styles. Ages: 7+. SRP: $9.99. Sold at Toys “R” Us.


  1. Theses are very cute, would be fun for April Fools.

  2. My kids would love these. They like anything they can squeeze and it talks.