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Esio Hot & Cold Beverage Dispenser

The Esio Hot & Cold Beverage system, is available in 2,400 Walmart stores across the U.S. and retails for $199. The Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System is a countertop unit that has the ability to dispense a large variety of your favorite hot and cold beverages. Esio's drop'n drink™ technology allows users to instantly switch from cold lemonade to freshly-brewed hot coffee with no taste crossover.

Every compact MultiServe beverage E-Pak takes the place of seven 16-ounce bottles or nine 12-ounce cans, so just think of all the valuable space you'll save in your refrigerator, pantry and cupboard.

My Take: 

After I received the Esio I couldn't stop thinking about all of the possibilities! My first sharing experience was when all of my family came over for Christmas. I have to say it was a complete success, everyone asked what it was as soon as they walked in the kitchen. Gave me the perfect opportunity to tell them all about it's many great features (which I will share with you below). We opened up all of the flavor E-Paks so everyone could choose what they wanted to try.  I also put a stack of cups next to it for convenience. This worked so much better than trying to buy different drinks to satisfy everyone's different preferences. It worked perfect for all from kids to adults!

Drop’n Drink Technology

The magic of the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System is the pump at the end of every Esio beverage E-Pak. Simply drop in your favorite E-Pak, set the Strength Selector for the strength you want, and press and hold the blue/cold button or the red/hot button  Esio E-Paks are MultiServe, so you can use them over and over again until they are empty. to pour as large or as small a drink as you’d like. The E-Pak automatically dispenses your beverage and mixes it in mid-air with refrigerated water or piping-hot water to make “Your Drink. Your Way. Right Away.” Every Esio E-Pak delivers up to 14 8-oz. servings of your favorite name brand hot or cold beverage. Then put your E-Pak away and reuse it until it is empty – it automatically self-seals, so it lasts for up to a year, no refrigeration required.

Patented 15-Setting Strength Selector

The Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System has a patented 15-setting Strength Selector that lets you dial in the strength of beverage you want. Why settle for a beverage maker that only gives you 1, 2 or 3 strength options.

Safety Feature

To activate the hot water on your Esio, just tap the Strength Selector dial in the middle and then press the red/hot button to pour yourself a hot beverage. This 2-step process helps ensure no one dispenses hot water by mistake.

Nearly 2-Gallon Capacity

Your Esio holds up to 1.85 gallons of water when completely full. That’s more than enough capacity to make sure that no matter how thirsty your family and friends are, your Esio is always hot, always cold, always on, always ready.

Refill Indicator Light

Simply put more water in your Esio whenever you see the orange Refill Indicator Light come on, and you will always have piping-hot or refreshingly-cold drinks at the touch of a button.

All in all I LOVE my new Esio. I love how it gives me instant hot and cold beverages on demand. You can even use it for things other than the beverages that come with it. I was running behind one morning and needed hot water to make oatmeal for my daughter so I used the machine for a quick cup of hot water! Plus the hot water protection button makes me feel safe knowing that my daughter won't accidentally push and dispense hot water. I can't wait to get some more of the E-Paks so we can try some new flavors too.
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