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The Green Refrigerator Machine by Ozonator™

Would You Invest $40 to Save Thousands and Reduce Waste?

As a Mom, how many times have you had to throw out produce that has gone bad? Well, we can tell you, you're not alone; American families waste approximately 180 pounds of spoiled fruits, vegetables and leftovers a year! According to a study by the University of Arizona, for a family of four, that adds up to over $1000 of wasted food a year due to spoilage. Combined, that is over 40% of the food produced and an annual cost of more than $100 billion lost in squandered dollars, enough perishable trash to fill a football stadium daily.
Whether you're looking to make your grocery bill go further or simply stop this wasteful problem, we're thrilled to introduce you to an innovative solution! The Green Refrigerator Machine by Ozonator is the value-packed product for customers in need of making the crisp and freshness of the produce they buy at the market last longer, while stretching their budget. Even though the Green Refrigerator Machine by Ozonator™ cannot control the initial cost of fresh fruits and vegetables, they strive to share the message of their solution that keeps the cost of eating this lifestyle much more affordable.


  1. Sandy VanHoey3:46 PM

    I'm super guilty of this. I've thrown so many things away because they really do go bad quickly. I like this...anything to help with all my veggies I throw away

  2. Mary Gallardo1:11 AM

    This is amazing! So many times, I feel bad that produce has spoiled and needs to be thrown away. This would save so much money too!

  3. this is something i could really use!

    - Stephanie J

  4. I definitely try to not let fruits and veggies go bad in my fridge, but I too am guilty of this! This would be really helpful to have!


  5. I definitely have this problem. Would love my produce to last longer so I can get to it instead of it going bad.

  6. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I could definitely use one of these. I end up wasting so much produce

  7. I'd like to hear how well this really works, though....


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