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Oransi’s Robby Wash Laundry Balls #Giveaway - Ends 12-10

Top 11 robby wash ball benefits that delight:

1. Save money: it's hard enough to carry all those boxes of laundry detergents much less pay a premium for them that's why we make it affordable for you.  Standard laundry detergents can cost you up to $1 per load whereas the highly efficient robby laundry ball is less than $0.25 per load.

2. Simple.  Just throw it in the washing machine.
   Anyone can now do the laundry! Works in both front and top load washing machines.

3. Targeted cleaning.  Use the fuschia ball for low temperature loads (32-90ºF) and the blue washing ball for high temperatures (32-180ºF). Maintains softness in your laundry while removing odors and stains.

4. Hypoallergenic.  Since you are not using cups of laundry detergent your laundry is cleaned in a manner that is much easier on your skin while at the same time giving you the performance you expect in a highly efficient laundry cleaner.

5. Baby safe laundry solution.  Formulated to being gentle on your child's clothes but strong enough to remove the stains.

6. Free stain stick included with each washing ball purchase.

7. Fresh scent. Your clothes will have a very light fresh scent for a feeling of freshness.

8. High efficiency laundry.  Each Robby Wash ball pack will clean on average for 12 months.  This includes three refill packets of macromolecules.  If you have an over-sized washing machine, we recommend using two washing balls.

9. Helps the environment.  Just look at what you are not dumping down the pipes (10 ounce ball = 75+ pounds of laundry detergent)!

10. Economical refills.  Simply open the tab on the ball to refill with the macro molecule pellets when they are less than 75% full.  This keeps you from having to throw away the ball.  Each ball should last for 2-3 years.

11. Safety.  Designed in France to meet the strict compliance requirements of the Europe and contains no phosphates or chlorine.  The Robby Wash ball has received safety certifications from REACH, RoHS.  Each ball is made of durable ABS materials.

My Take:
I've been using the Robby Wash balls for my clothes for awhile now.  To be honest I didn't notice the difference between using typical detergents and the Robby Ball.  My clothes came out just as clean.  The thing I like most about it is that it takes up so little space.  I actually just store the ball right on the edge of the washer top between washes. My favorite part though is the convenience of being able to have my son wash his own clothes and not worrying about him using too much liquid detergent! It's all ready to go and all he has to do is drop it in on top after loading his clothes. Probably the biggest benefit of the Robby Wash ball versus other detergents – is that is only costs 25¢ to use per wash. Wow what a great savings, I don't know about you but in these times I'm all about saving money!

For more information you can visit Oransi’s Facebook and/or Twitter page to read more info about Oransi products.

Win it:  One lucky reader will win a Set of Oransi’s Robby Wash Laundry Balls. This giveaway will end December 18th at 12:00 AM EST. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If no response, a new winner will be chosen. Open to residents of the US.

Entry Method:  Please use Rafflecopter form to enter.
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  1. I had one wash ball from another company and it's design was not rounded like this one. It actually tore and put holes in some of my clothing so I had to stop using it. I'd really like to try this design since I love the idea of cutting down on how much detergent I have to buy.

  2. I haven't tried it, but I'd love to!

  3. Interesting! Would love to win one!

  4. I haven't tried it (Debra L. Guillen)

  5. I've never tried them but I'd love to!

    sayjaymc @ gmail

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    No I havent tried them.

  7. I've never tried these before but they look interesting!

  8. i have never tried them but have been wanting to for a while now! thanks for the giveaway!!
    puddle_of_light at yahoo dot com

  9. christine halverson1:31 PM

    No, I never have but would like to= )

  10. Ho, I have not tried it yet!
    Thank You So Much for the chance

    Fiona N

  11. Haven't tried it yet. :)

  12. No, we haven't tried it, but would like to!

  13. No I haven't but I would love to

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