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Kidfresh Frozen Meals

This weekend we took a trip to our local Super Target so we could check out the line of Kidfresh meals. I'd been to the Kidfresh Facebook page already and found myself a $1 off coupon so I was ready to shop and save some money!

So with coupon in hand we headed to the store in hopes to find something good for lunch and add a little fun on a dreary day.

And thus begins the adventure of our trip to find a healthy alternative for quick lunches when time's running short. I don't know about you but we always seem to have something going on every weekend. Whether it be a sports game, a meeting, or some sort of activity it seems like we never have enough time to make and sit down together for a complete and healthy lunch. So I started this trip out with high expectations of finding a good and healthy alternative for those busy weekends.

My kids were completely on board with finding this new alternative for lunch. I think they were tired of eating leftovers and cold lunch meat sandwiches on the way out the door.  They even volunteered to take over the cart duties!

The display of Kidfresh frozen meals was very easy to find and the bright green boxes were easy to differentiate on the shelves making it easy for the kids to know what they could choose from. There were four choices for them to choose from: Easy Cheesy Ravioli, Spaghetti Loops Bolognese, Muy Cheesy Quesadillas, and the Wagon Wheels Mac and Cheese.  I told them to each pick a meal and we would take them home to test out the same day.  I figured that was the best bet having them there to choose their own meals so they couldn't complain if I picked the "wrong" one.

And just as I suspected they chose quesadillas and mac & cheese!

Of course my kids like to use the price scanners at least once on every shopping trip so we decided to use it on the Kidfresh meal! I think $2.99 is a pretty good price for a healthy lunch. I mean really compared to most kids meals in fast food restaurants that's a steal. And you know exactly what's in a Kidfresh meal before you even open the box.  Heck they even tell you right on the package: "With Hidden Veggies". I mean how can you go wrong with hidden veggies. Reading that totally made me laugh.

Lucky for me my kids aren't into package reading cause I can only imagine what they would have been saying if the knew the meals had veggies in them. I can already here the ewe's and yucks coming from their little mouths.  Don't get me wrong my kids love their veggies, but to be told they are hidden in mac & cheese and a cheese Quesadilla they would just go nuts trying to find them.

I think the deal breaker for me was when I pulled the mac & cheese out of the box and saw it had real shredded cheese on top of it. I've never seen a frozen meal that looked this good in any kids frozen food lines. It was amazing how the cheese melted all over the noodles. My kids shared this one and each had their own Quesadilla.  They were both gushing over how great they tasted and were already asking when we could go get some more.  Looks like we've finally found a way to make lunch quick, easy, and still stay healthy at that same time.

You can learn more about Kidfresh Frozen Meals by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. And don’t forget about the $1.00 off coupon right now on Facebook.
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