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Creativity for Kids Party #CreativityforKids


Creativity for Kids is a wonderful line of craft projects for kids of all ages. And thanks to MomSelect I was able to try out a good variety of them with my daughter and some of her friends this past weekend. I was sent enough of the Pop-Art Necklaces and Fashion Totes for each girl to make at the party as well as Shrinky Dinks kits and Mandalas ARTivity books for them to each take home. We also got double sets of the Fashion Headbands and Bracelets so we were able to open one of each of those for all the girls to make those too!

They had so much fun, stickering, coloring, and beading. Just the Stuck on Fashion Tote Bags took a good 15-20 minutes.  The girls were very crafty and creative with the provided stickers for the bags. Using things like flower petals for the center of the butterfly stickers and for antennas to give them different colored body parts. Wow what creativity at the age of 6! I never would have thought of that myself.

I thought the Pop-Art necklaces were pretty cute too. They could choose between stock stickers, or create your own with pictures to color.  Of course they all picked the color your own version.  Then I added the pop tops to give their awesome creations some dimension. Finally the girls added a jewel sticker to the top and added beads to their necklace cords to finish it off.

The Fashion Headbands were pretty basic and easy to customize too.  They came with a few pre-made flowers, and the instructions showed you how to make a simple bow. You could also add feathers, ribbon, and jewels from the kit.  We did these near the end along with the bracelets which were similar with ribbon for decorations so we didn't really get too far into customizing them. I just sent each child home with the colored ribbon they wanted to use so they could finish them at home.

One of the families that was going to bring their four daughter's didn't make it so we had a little smaller party than originally anticipated, but we still had lots of fun and the 2 hours went by super fast! Overall I would say the party was a huge success from the party punch and fruit kabobs down to the fun craft projects the kids all had a spectacular time. They all left laughing and talking about different things they had done, and what they were going to have their moms buy them to do at home later. My daughter hasn't stopped asking me about doing more of the headbands and bracelets with her extra kits since the party ended.

You can find more information about Creativity for Kids crafts on their website. And in case you are wondering YES they have lots of craft kit options for boys too!
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