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Imperial Toys - Time for Fun in the Sun!

This spring Imperial Toy Company has debuted some awesome new outdoor toys that will make for hours of summer fun! Imperial Toy has a lot of toys for children of all ages (and adults too!). We were even lucky enough to be sent some of the new toys from Imperial Toy for review.

We received several new spring items from Imperial Toy:

KAOS® Cyclops
KAOS Cyclops is a dynamic one-handed water balloon launcher that reinvents the traditional water balloon fight by taking it to a whole new dynamic level of “getting soaked”! Kids and adults can kick-up the level of insanity with an extreme water balloon fight! Each KAOS Cyclops launcher is designed to comfortably launch water balloons up to 100 ft with a simple flick of the wrist. KAOS Cyclops has a large scoop top for quick reloads and comes with 50 biodegradable KAOS water Balloons. Perfect for birthday parties, summer family gatherings and serious wet Summer Fun for all ages!

KAOS® Tie Not Filler
Tying Made Easy! The KAOS Tie-Not™ is an essential bonus tool that makes tying and filling water balloons easy! Simply assemble the Tie-Not filler and the Tie Not tool together as one convenient mechanism. Attach the Tie-Not to a garden hose and slide on the balloon. Fill with water and detach balloon by sliding the end through the slot. Quickly pull bottom off the Tie-Not tool and you are ready to rock your water balloon fight! KAOS Tie Not includes 50 biodegradable water balloons.

Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion Bubble Solution and Hi-Beam Sabre 
Glow Fusion Bubble Solution begins with Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Solution (Earth’s Best Bubbles), coupled with our special formulated Infusion Activators (A & B) that are carefully constructed to outrageously light up your outdoor play with a fantastic orange glow! Glow Fusion Bubble Solution is great for any type of outdoor activity to include a family gathering, camping trip, or just livening up a nighttime blast in the backyard! If you want to WOW your friends, be the life of the party or hot topic at school, simply take Glow Fusion Bubble Solution to any outdoor event and you will surely do just that! Domestic Only.

Whoa! Look at that Glow! Kids will have hours of night time glow fun with the Hi-Beam Sabre. Simply transfer Infusion Activators (A & B) into Super Miracle Bubbles, mix for 30 seconds but do not shake. Use the Fusion Funnel to Pour Fusion Solution into the Hi-Beam Sabre. Insert Fusion Wand into the Fusion Tube, Remove and Slowly Wave to Create Bubbles. Compress Handle to Activate the Hi-Beam Sabre. Hi-Beam Sabre is reusable with any Super Miracle Bubble Solution. Domestic Only.

Super Miracle Bubbles Bubble Turbine
Wow! Look at those humongous bubbles! The new Super Miracle Bubbles Bubble Turbine is guaranteed to provide kids and adults with the seamless ability to create humongous bubbles and a variety of spectacular bubble tricks. Includes Instructional Booklet and Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Solution in 100% recyclable bottle.

My Take:
Our first impression of the toys we received was "Wow these are so cool!". And after ripping into all the packages and testing several of them out we were still thinking "Wow these are so cool!". I couldn't believe how easy the water balloons were to fill, and after a few failed test attempts we were even able to get the Tie Not Filler to work just as it says! This is going to be an awesome, and wet summer! We didn't get too much into the water balloon products since it was still fairly chilly the last week.  We did however explore the Glow Fusion Bubbles and Sabre to the fullest.  It was the coolest thing seeing the solution glow in the dark!  I attempted a video myself, but it just wasn't as cool, or informative as the one below straight from the manufacturer.
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