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Thirty-One Skirt Purse vs. Miche Handbag

Which is the right purse for you?

First up is the Thirty-One Gifts Skirt Purse

As you can see in the above photo each Thirty-One Gifts Skirt Purse comes with an attached instruction tag.  Really it's a pretty simple process but just in case you have any problems they handy tag shows you step by step exactly how to attach your first skirt.  The second photo shows you how the purse unsnaps to reveal the clasps where you hook the skirt onto the purse. I think it's actually a pretty clever system, and when you're all done you can't even tell how it is attached.

These photos show the actual skirt itself. It's pretty flat when not on the purse and has nothing on the inside.

The actual base purse itself does have your standard inside zip pocket as I am showing you in the above photo.  It also has a zippered closure for the main purse itself.


The above photos show the before and after views when adding one of the skirts.

And now for the Miche Handbag.

Above are photos of the Miche Shell when laid flat (left) and the actual base bag without a skirt attached.  If you look closely in the photo on the right you can see where I am holding the shell up to the base bag.  This is how the shell attaches to the base. You just wrap it around the base and it stays together via the magnets in each piece.

Here are photos of the Miche Handbag from the bottom and top views.  The bottom of the shell has little metal pegs to help keep it off places that may be wet or dirty like tables and counters.  Plus with it's hard base it stands up all on it's own. There are several pockets inside of the base bag itself which is great!

The above photos show the before and after views when adding one of the shells.

And now for a side by side look:

As you can see from the photos the Thirty-One Skirt Purse is a little larger in size when placed next to the Miche Handbag.  There isn't a whole lot of difference in the size of the handles, however the Thirty-One handles are more flexible and the Miche handles are much more firm.  Both options offer a variety of skirt/shell options that can quickly and easily be changed in a moments notice.  I've used both of them for a few weeks each and haven't had any issues with the outer skirt/shell coming off or even being noticeable to people that they aren't a solid purse. I have however had a ton of compliments on both of them.

I was a little disappointed in the lack of pockets in the Thirty-One Purse, but depending on what I am using my purse for I sometimes don't even need the extra pockets.  On the other hand I didn't really like the hardness of the Miche handbag, I am more of a soft-sided purse girl myself. I guess I am lucky because I now have both of them to add to my wardrobe! So I can choose whichever one best suits my needs for where I am going. I can't wait to get some more skirts and shells for other seasons. Now I'll be able to pair them up with some of my sexy crop tops too!

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