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Surface Hair Care - Push Powder

Push Powder
Push is a 3-in-1 powder that can be used as a volumizer, texturizer, and a dry-shampoo. All you need is a ‘tap’ of Push and it will melt away, instantly disappearing on ANY hair color. Most hair powders contain Talc, a substance that has been suggested to cause cancer. Luckily, Push Powder uses Soy instead of Talc, making it safe to use and performs beyond normal hair powders!

My Take:
I recently had the opportunity to try out a product from the Surface Hair Care line of products.  I chose the Push Powder because it said it could be used as a dry-shampoo. I've used a spray formula of a dry-shampoo before, but never a powder form so I was all for it!  Well, I wouldn't exactly call this a dry-shampoo. It's more like dry hair spray. Yes it does blend into your hair, but it also makes it feel as if there is actually hair spray in your hair.  Now if that is the affect you are going for great. But for someone such as myself that was going for a flat hair style it didn't work so well. I like my hair to be natural without any hair spray or gel in it so I can run my hands through it anytime I like. I tend to put my hands in my bangs a lot during the day and with this in it my fingers got stuck and the feeling was not pleasant. Like I said if you are looking for a styling powder though, this would work perfect.  I am actually going to save it for my son for when he grows his hair out on top again. I think it would be perfect to create a spike hair style.

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