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Kid’s Total Terrain Shoes

What is it?
A contoured insole and volume adjuster are already in place in new Hi-Tec kids shoes.

How Does it Work?
As your child’s feet grow, you are able to remove the volume adjuster which in turn increases the shoe by 2/3 of a size.

Results and Benefits:
Volume Adjustment - extending the lifespan of your footwear by approximately 3 months. The average life of a shoe for kids is 5-6 months. SATRA tested and approved.
Customisation of Fit - the majority of the population have different sized feet, either from birth, or as they grow.

My Take:
I think we have a winner here.  My daughter loves her new Hi-Tec Total Terrain shoes. It was cute as we opened the box and she first tried them on she said "Mommy, I'm a hiker now. Can we go to the park so I can climb that big hill now?". To elaborate on that remark so it makes a bit more sense. We have a local park that has trails and some of them are pretty advanced.  I've been known to tell the kids those advanced trails are for "hikers" and not for kids. Little did this mommy know that a pair of shoes would turn my average 5-year old daughter into a "hiker".  Guess I'll have to come up with new reasoning as to why I'd prefer to not take them up that big ole rugged hill next time.  So for now she'll be sporting her Total Terrain shoes on the kiddie hills and in our big back yard.  From my standpoint these shoes are pretty great. They have a nice sturdy construction, were easy to slip on, and she doesn't complain about them squeezing her toes, or rubbing her heels after a long day of playing.

Hi-Tec specializes in active living footwear.  Mostly for adults, but they've recently branched out into the children's market.  In my opinion (as a mother of two) I think this is great!  Sometimes the kids are more active than we are as adults so they need a good quality shoe to keep them going. And to top it off with their big-fit system it makes spending a little extra to get those quality shoes even more worth it!

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