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Thursday, August 4 - Education Toys for all Ages

An excerpt from on one of many sections of toys by age:

There are thousands of Toys for 4 year olds but only a select-few make it on ebeanstalk. That's because our team of child-experts review thousands of fun, educational toys and choose only the best. Then they actually match the toy, book or game to a 4 Year Old abilities. It's because of this, that ebeanstalk can guarantee a child's fun. Don't just give a toy for 4 Year Old, help a child grow and learn.

I've been actually looking for something fun, educational, and unique for my nephew's upcoming 4th birthday. Lucky for me I found They have books for children of all ages and the best selling learning toys around. Check out one of the awesome ideas I came up with while browsing the section for 4 year old boys.

The Design & Drill Activity Center comes with a battery powered drill, a screwdriver handle, drill bits, a wrench, activity board, plastic bolts, and activity cards for building. I love how it has such bright colored pegs. Heck this thing even includes the batteries, which makes it even better in my book.

One of the things I like most about their website is how it gives you so many ways to shop.  You don't have to just look by the type of toy you're looking for. You can shop by category, age, or brand.  And you can even narrow down the age options by choosing if it's for a boy or a girl. Sure makes it easier to skip all the dolls and pretty pink toys when searching for something for a boy.  And of course let me tell you about the part I like best.....they have a clearance section.  I am a bargain shopper so I was excited to see they have a clearance section right there on their website. Check them out and see for yourself, don't take my word for it. Happy Shopping!

Disclosure:  I was provided a gift card in exchange for this post.  However all opinions and thoughts are mine.


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