Stacy Talks & Reviews: Safari Towels & Stopain® Cold Roll-On Ex. Strength

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Safari Towels & Stopain® Cold Roll-On Ex. Strength

New Safari Towels from the folks who make Anti Monkey Butt Powder, the go-to powder for those who work or play hard!  The new Safari Towels are pre-moistened, heavy duty disposable towels that you can take with you anywhere. At 14”X24” they’re big enough to clean yourself head to toe, and tough enough so they won't tear or shred.

Safari Towels come in a convenient 3-pack, so you and your family can have a Shower-to-go the next time you're at the beach, camping, fishing, biking, or anything else that gets you hot and sweaty away from home.

The active ingredient in Stopain is menthol, recognized by the FDA as an analgesic indicated for the temporary relief for minor pains and stiffness of arthritis, muscle aches, strains and simple backaches. It also contains peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil, recognized by the FDA for their analgesic properties. Extra-strength Stopain is also formulated with glucosamine and MSM, essential nutrients that support joint health and mobility.

  • Easy-to-use hands-free application
  • Non-greasy and non-staining
  • Fast-absorbing—penetrates deep
  • Light, vanishing scent
  • Contains 8% menthol

  • In addition, for every Stopain product sold in 2011, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Arthritis Foundation  (with a minimum contribution of $25,000).

    My Take: 
    I think these are both fabulous products.  After having been exercising more over the last several months let me tell you about the sweating and pain I have endured! And to top it off we've had weather in the 90's for weeks now. Having the Safari Towels on hand are great for days I don't quite get up early enough to walk  before work and have to do it later.  Sometimes a mid-day shower is just not possible.  Safari Towels are great for that quick clean before you have to run errands.  Heck they are even great for taking with you and the kids to park.  Wipe everyone down after playing and you're all set to head to lunch or the grocery store!  no more wondering if you are stinky in the checkout line.  I first tested the Stopain® Cold Roll-On on my husband as he suffers from chronic back pain.  I will note, and let this be a reminder to you. DO NOT roll very much of this stuff on, it only takes a few small rolls around the area needed.  I didn't know the first time we used it so I made a nice box on his back where the pain is and then proceeded to fill it in like I was coloring with a roll-on marker.  The more it soaked in the more he was oohing about how much he felt it.  He did say that it helped him from having the more serious pain after the physical activity he was doing.  So I will took his word for it when he said you don't need that much. I was more careful when applying for my muscle aches, and yes a little goes a long way for relief.

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