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Healthy Steps Portion Control Kitchen Tools

Healthy Steps Portion Control Kitchen ToolsControl your portions -- The keys to eating right are easy; fill half of your plate with fruits, vegetables or salad and control those portions on the other half of the plate. If you serve too much food, you eat too much food. The Healthy Steps Portion Control Serving Set does all the work for you. Serve the perfect portion sizes of protein, vegetable and starch right from the stove.

Serving Set Contains:
·  1 slotted spoon for vegetables
·  1 solid spoon for starches such as potatoes or rice
·  1 spatula for protein

How to use:
·  Choose the appropriate tool for the food group to serve.
·  For vegetables and starches, fill the spoon but do not heap.
·  For proteins, use the spatula head as a guide for the proper portion size. Serve proteins in portions equal to the size of a deck of cards. Our spatula head mimics this recommendation.
·  Heat resistant to 400o F / 204o C. Dishwasher safe.

How to use:
·  Pour in pasta to serving line on basket. For long noodles, use hole in handle to measure one serving.
·  Set pasta basket into boiling water. Refer to pasta preparation instructions for cooking time.
·  When done, lift pasta basket out of water to drain and pour directly onto plate to serve.
·  Top rack dishwasher safe.


How to use
·  Fill hopper to 1st line for one serving of cheese
·  Fill hopper full of cheese for two servings
·  Lift lid to dispense cheese
·  Hand wash with soap and water

My Take:
I received the Serving SetCheese Grater, and Pasta Basket for my reviewing purposes.  I have to say I love these kitchen tools.  The serving set has actually replaced my old spoons and spatula. They are not just the perfect portion size, they are also very good quality kitchen tools.  I love that they each have their purpose right on the tool.  For instance the spatula says Protein 1 Serving on it. On my road to weight loss tools like these will definitely be a big plus.  I am always trying not to over fill my plate, but as I am sure you know that is easy to do when eating something we really enjoy.  I have to tell you though if your spouse is a big eater like mine he might frown when he sees the portion size for his next steak! LOL My husband actually said "Are you kidding me?" when I showed him the spatula.  So I kindly reminded him that he just needs to better proportion his plate with the other foods and he will see he doesn't need a big ole steak covering half the plate.  With a little encouragement and actually proving it to him he concurred that yes he didn't "need" a big ole steak to fill his tummy.  Funny how with the right tools things are so much easierThey recently got some new products in stock and I've got my eye on this awesome new cookie scoop!

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