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Shoulder Buddies

Recently featured on ABC News as one of the BEST new toys at NY Toy Fair 2011!

Shoulder Buddies are adorable collectible figures that kids can wear and take with them everywhere they go. Each figure has an embedded magnet that connects with a Magic Coin in order to stay securely on a shirt, hat, backpack, etc. They come in a variety of themes and colors – with over 30 new characters per year – so there’s a Shoulder Buddy (or two, or more) to appeal to everyone.

They are especially great for summer traveling and camp! 

My Take:
When I first heard about Shoulder Buddies I thought "Aww how cute".  When I first opened my package of Shoulder Buddies I thought "These are so cool"! That was the thoughts of both of my kids too actually. We got the Pirate and Pep for our review. My kids both took to them right away, they couldn't have gotten a more perfect set.  My daughter the quick little thing she is instantly put the little "magnetic coin" under her shirt and put her Pep Buddie on her shoulder. She knew just from me telling her they were called Shoulder Buddies that is how they were worn.  It was funny to watch the two of them interact with their Buddies on their shoulders.  They both kept looking at them as if there were little people on their shoulders or something, it was hilarious. My daughter kept talking to hers about going here and there with her.  My son of course is 11 and well, past that deep of an imagination, but he still wore it around quite a bit.  They've both played with them several times since then.  They even created a game of hide-the-buddies but attaching them to curtains, and other things in the house and waiting to see who finds them first. I can gladly say Shoulder Buddies are a hit in my house.
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