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Motorola Xoom Tablet Review

Introducing the Motorola Xoom tablet with Google™. The first tablet powered by Android™ 3.0 (Honeycomb). With a 10.1–inch HD widescreen display and a 3D holographic user experience that gets in your face. Packing the power of a 1 GHz dual–core processor, Gyroscope and 1 GB of PC–grade RAM.

I only have good or should I say great things to say about the Motorola Xoom. I am one of those people that doesn't like to read manuals of any sort, for anything.  Well, lucky for me the Motorola Xoom is so easy to use, I was able to turn it on and start playing without reading anything! It was that easy.  Heck after I got it set-up even my 5-year old daughter could do it all herself.  She picked it up, turned it on and found the game she wanted to play all without my help.  Just from watching me play around with it she had even figured out how to bring up and start watching videos of kittens and other animals.  The Motorola Xoom comes with the Android Market pre-installed so all you need is a Google mail account to get started.  Browse, download and play games, read books, and navigate all sorts of other apps. I didn't really notice a big difference between using the 3G network vs. my home wireless internet, but it sure was great to have while in the car and out to dinner. Yes you heard me out to dinner.  While the kids were coloring their place-mats I took advantage of the quiet time to play around with the Xoom. It's really lightweight and easy to tote around.  I already had a smaller zipper pouch from our netbook so I just slipped it in there and off we went. As much as we played on this thing I was really impressed at how well the battery lasted between charging.  The Xoom also features a front and rear camera. I wasn't really sure the purpose of this, but we tested it out and played with the picture manipulation features.  Just something else fun to do, but not really a necessity if you ask me.  I couldn't envision myself ever carrying it around to take pictures. One of my favorite parts was the desktop as you would call it had a slide feature like a cell phone so you could have different pages for different applications or features.  It made it nice for me to have my email account on a separate page then the games for the kids.  I also liked how the internet was similar to a normal computer with the ability to have multiple sites open on different tabs. I don't know if it's available or not, but I'd definitely want a car charger for this for long trips.

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