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Choose Your Mood with Lifetherapy Review

About Lifetherapy:
“Choose your mood” is the philosophy behind Lynette Lovelace’s new lifestyle brand, Lifetherapy. Lynette Lovelace combined her enthusiasm for life and over 20 years of retail and restaurant experience to create a unique lifestyle brand of luxury apothecary products inspired by the therapeutic powers of scent and mood. The simple yet inspiring notion of “choosing your mood,“ is how Lovelace and Lifetherapy empower people through the understanding that “scent is more than what we wear; it’s how we feel when we wear it,” explains Lovelace. Instead of asking you to choose your scent, Lifetherapy asks you to choose your mood with scents named play, vacation, escape, chill, and !irt. These unexpected and lively scents correspond speci!cally with mood and are personal yet universally relatable. Lovelace believes that “the briefest hint of a certain aroma can transport us to a completely different time and place, and one can also create new scent associations throughout life.” Products range from everyday handcrèmes, to pulse point oil perfumes, ultra rich body crèmes and hydrating body lotions, with body wash and body sugar scrub launching for Fall 2011.

Available in Five Fragrances:
Play: A feminine, youthful scent with notes of marsh grass, sweet fresh jasmine, and a burst of red
orange and peach skin to awaken your senses

Vacation: A sexy, warm scent combining the exotic scents of white orchid, sandalwood, warm sugar
and Polynesian coconut "akes

Escape: A clean, crisp scent with a sparkling top note of pineapple leaf, the inviting aroma of
gardenia, and the lasting scent sensuous musk and palm bark

Chill: A subtle, peaceful scent with hints of calming rose, fresh citrus, and heliotrope. Notes of dry
amber and vanilla round out this calming mix 

Flirt: An innocent, playful scent that opens with water "owers and bergamot followed by soft notes of
coconut, muget, and rose

My Take:
I received Chill everyday hand creme, Vacation hydrating body lotion, Flirt ultra rich body creme and Escape pulse point. What I really like about these products is that the scent is noticeable on your skin yet it's not overwhelming. It's true how a scent can set your mood. As soon as I pumped a little of the Vacation lotion onto my hand I instantly had good thoughts of being at the beach. Each "Mood" had it's own unique scent that reminds you of whatever you've done that relates to that scent. I've never used anything quite as unique as this line. I think it is true that your mood can really be set by the smells around you.  I know when there is a pleasant sent in the air I feel more awake and alive, than if there is a not so pleasant scent. I can't wait to get some more of these, I think they are especially great for summer activities and outings.

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Have you tried any of lifetherapy’s products? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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