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TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics

We have spent ten years developing something that will change oral care forever: 
Our multi-symptom probiotic is the only product developed to actively attack the bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay, cavities, acid erosion, bleeding and sensitive gums, plaque, tooth staining, and other germ-related oral care maladies. It actively attacks hostile germs and keeps them from being able to affect your teeth, throat, and mouth. Unlike re-purposed gut probiotics, our patented 'bugs' were developed specifically for colonizing the tongue, mouth, and throat.

Product Features:
TheraBreath EXCLUSIVE: Our BLIS K-12 and BLIS M-18 probiotics are the only oral care probiotics clinically proven to attack common oral cavity germs.

BLIS probiotics are the next generation of probiotic actives - they not only compete for resources that germs crave, but also actively produce enzymes that are deadly to germs responsible for many oral cavity problems. Current products on the market work by simply trying to compete for food with hostile germs and are not efficacious.

Our multi symptom probiotics have an amazing list of benefits!
These benefits are only found in our BLIS probiotics, not in generic probiotics currently on the market, and are of immense benefit to consumers. This product will eliminate many common oral care problems your consumers currently have to deal with.

Studies show that S. Salivarius M18 + K12 help support the body’s ability to protect itself against:*

My Take:
I've always been prone to cavities, even as a child I was always at the dentist having yet another filling.  I sure wish there had been something around back then that could have helped me fight the cavity battle! I've been using my probiotics since the package arrived, so hopefully I won't have any more problems in the near future.  This is a must have for my medicine cabinet. TheraBreath products also help with bad breath which we all suffer from at one time or another, so really it's a double bonus.
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