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Sleep Number Rejuvenation Pillow & Protector

I recently received a Sleep Number Rejuvenation Pillow and a True Silver Pillow Protector.  I am being totally honest when I say this pillow has changed my nights! I can't believe something as simple as a pillow could do so much.

My husband suffers from RLS and sleep apnea so getting a full night, or even partial good nights sleep is not easy for me.  The very first night I tried out my Sleep Number Rejuvenation Pillow I slept through the ENTIRE night.  I couldn't believe it, and really thought it was just a coincidence.  But after having a good nights sleep again the second night I knew it had to be the pillow. This pillow is so different than any other pillow I have ever used.  When you lay your head on it, you actually sink into the pillow so to speak.  All the pillows I have ever had you pretty much slept on top of the pillow, with this one you sleep "in" the pillow.  I loved how it just conformed around my head and cradled it. Before I had always thought a pillow was supposed to be firm like your bed, but now that I've actually got a good pillow to compare it too, boy was I missing out. It's also great for those of us that read laying down in bed, no more neck cramps from having your head and neck straight on a normal pillow. Yes these are a little more costly than your typical department store pillows, but it is so worth the extra expense to wake up feeling so good.  And right now they are on sale though the Sleep Number website for only $25, that's half off! I can't wait to get one for my husband for Father's Day, I am sure he will love it just as much as I do.  And maybe if I show him just how great their pillows are we can start thinking about and saving for a new mattress.  Ours is going on 18 years old now and the "flip" aspect is getting a little old. The pillow protector did a superb job last night when it was still in the 70's outside and we had the windows open, I didn't get all hot and sweaty around my neck, and when I woke up I wasn't all sniffles from the outside air coming in.  I think Sleep Number has struck gold with this one!

Sleep Number® Rejuvenation Pillow:
Sleep Number® Rejuvenation Pillow Ensures Better Sleep and More Daytime Energy. Clinically proven technology increases oxygen levels for better sleep and more daytime energy. Fill fibers reflect light energy while you sleep. 50/50 blend of Celliant™ and polyester fiberfill. Hypoallergenic. 400-thread-count, 100% cotton sateen cover. Made in USA of imported materials.

Sleep Number® True Silver™ Classic Pillow Protector: 
Got allergies? Our True Silver™ bedding provides superior protection against dust mites and pet dander so you can snooze rather than sneeze. Our classic-style True Silver™ pillow protector is made with 99.9% pure silver fibers, which naturally repel dust, bacteria, and odors. 280-thread-count SilverWeave™* cotton (05% cotton with 3% silver fiber). True Silver™ fiber is part of the fabric and its natural allergy protection will never wash out or wear out. Includes one pillow protector. Also available in gusset style.

Sleep Number has done extensive research that shows minimizing allergens in the bedroom is an important factor in getting a good night’s sleep. One of the key findings is that over 75% of people who have seasonal allergies report losing sleep because of them. To address this, Sleep Number beds, pillows and bedding have advanced features to reduce allergens and ensure you are well rested this Spring.

Bedrooms are often among the worst places in the house for allergens, to help with this, Sleep Number has come up with some tips:

  • Clean your bedroom regularly, especially if you have carpets or drapery
  • Use a HEPA air purifier in your bedroom
  • Launder your bedding weekly in hot water – at least 130 degrees
  • Wipe all hard surfaces with a wet cloth regularly to remove dust
  • Use allergen-barrier covers for your mattress and pillows
  • Look into purchasing naturally antimicrobial bedding
  • Try undressing in another room to avoid bringing in new allergens

  • Win it: One lucky reader will win a Rejuvenation Pillow and a True Silver Pillow Protector. This giveaway will end May 27th at 10 PM EST. The winner will be chosen at random by Sleep Number. I will contact you to let you know you won, and Sleep Number will handle the shipping.

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