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Liberator Shapes - Pulse (18+ post)

Liberator is an online adult website where you can purchase toys, books, furniture, lingerie, and other sex themed related gifts. The thing I like most is that their products are shipped discretely. The product I received came in a plain old brown box, with the product inside wrapped in plastic.  Honestly it wasn't until I opened the box that I realized what was inside. And it just so happened that there were little eyes in the room when I started to open the box so I had to quickly shut it and tell them it wasn't for them to see.  Luckily they left it at that!

The Pulse can be used in one of two positions, with or without a partner. It features two pockets that can hold a vibrator or bullet for simultaneous pleasure and a center toy mount opening for enjoyment alone. You can see several position ideas and options on the Liberator website page for the Pulse.

The Pulse is constructed with durable furniture grade foam. This is awesome because it means that after years of use it won't be out of shape or flat like cheap foam fill. It also features a removable colored (black, blue, leopard, purple, red, tan, and white tiger) microfiber cover that makes it machine washable. You just simply unzip it along the curved side and the and drop it in the wash. Under the microfiber cover is a moisture-proof liner to protect the inner foam from wetness or lubricants.  The liner can also be removed via a second zipper if necessary or can be wiped with a wet cloth.  This is a definite plus in my book because I always like to have things clean and stain free! I like that the outside cover is microfiber because it gives it a really nice soft feel against the skin.

I personally thought that the twelve inch width might be a little much for straddling.  I did try sitting "cowgirl style" on it and it felt a little strange to me. I think maybe if the foam were softer it might not have been so bad, then I could have squished it in some between my legs. It just felt awkward overall in my opinion.  Maybe I wasn't sitting quite the right way, or was trying too hard to sit on it just the exact right way for the purposes of doing my review. I guess over time with trial and error I'll come to figure out just what the "right" way is to straddle it. I haven't had much opportunity to really "test" it out with the kids always seeming to be around, and a recent visitor from "mother nature".

The only downfall I see in this product is the overall size of it.  I mean how do you discretely keep something of this size in your bedroom with kids around? My closets are full of clothes and toys for Christmas so this will be a tough one.  I really wish I would have opted for the Wedge style instead. It comes in a variety of sizes, and looks like it would even be great for a between the legs bed pillow for sleeping. Would be something easy to leave laying out because the kids could be easily convinced that it is for bed sleeping. With the Pulse having the pockets and center mount hole I think that might be a little tough to convince them of. On the overall though I think it's a great product. It looks great, feels so soft, and seems like it could be a lot of fun to explore new things with.
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