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Hop: The Movie for DS and Rango for Wii

Hop: The Movie for Nintendo DS. 
This games is based on the Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s live action/CG-animated comedy Hop.  The follow up to the worldwide hit tells the story of E.B., the teenage son of the Easter Bunny.

Play as Fred as you help the Easter Bunny’s son, E.B., save Easter from a fluffy coup d’etat led by Carlos and his fellow chick workers! Hop your way through the Easter Bunny’s top-secret candy factory on Easter Island, solve puzzles and sugar shock your enemies as you turn them into delicious chocolate treats. Play through a wide variety of mini-games and modes, including helping E.B. realize his dream of becoming a famous rock-’n'-roll drummer!

This is a fun game and is rated “E” for everyone. It’s was a little challenging for my 6 year old girls so I let my 6 year old nephew try it out and he had a blast. My nephew is a litte more experienced with his DS. My girls just got their DS’s for Christmas and are still trying to get the hang of it. This would make a great addition to you child’s Easter basket or any other celebration you may be planning.

My Take: 
I think this is the cutest game ever, and I love that it was created based on the movie. My daughter and I saw this move last month on a play date and it was awesome.  You should have seen her reaction when I showed her the DS game that I received for the review.  She loved the movie and hadn't stopped talking about it for days, so when the game came I was happy to give her something new to "sing about".  She is five and had no problem at all navigating through the game.  She kept telling me about the games and how they were like the movie.

Rango for Wii
Rango is an action/adventure game set in a gritty, pint-sized, Wild West world filled with off-color characters, wild rides and frantic shoot-outs. Players of all ages will meet the residents of the town of Dirt and play through Rango's whacky Tall Tales of Adventure, brimming with intense action and outlandish scenarios. Having saved Dirt from drought, players will be challenged to maintain Rango's reputation as Sheriff and embark on his wacky adventures, performing dizzying feats of heroism as he spins spectacular and awe-inspiring stories for his fellow Dirtonians. Players will explore a variety of environments featured within and beyond the film, and must achieve near impossible feats as they work to uncover a sinister alien plot that threatens to abduct the entire population of Dirt. Along the way, Rango will encounter all the trappings of an adventure set in the Old West - ridin', jumpin', brawlin', and shootin' - that are crafted from the film's pint-sized desert scene. Rango the Video Game will feature awe-inspiring gameplay sequences; authentic characters and intense action coupled with outlandish scenarios which are sure to encourage the wild imagination of all Rango fans.

• Trophies / Achievements - Pull off near-impossible feats to earn Trophies / Achievements that are all throughout the Wild West town of Dirt.
• Ride Roadrunners and Desert Bats - Speed through the desert atop these unconventional chariots as you perform extraordinary acrobatic chases.
• Golden Bullet - Hone your sheriff shooting skills in unique golden bullet sequences that promise to impress your Dirtonian admirers.
• Wild West Shootouts - Face hordes of hostile rodents as you show the town who's boss in good, old-fashioned shootouts where guns are blazin' and spurs are shinin.'
• Meet the Dirtonians - From a group of mariachi birds who provide color commentary to a gang of wild rabbits, your fellow townsfolk will provide no shorta

My Take:
This game was a lot of fun and went right along with the movie. I was personally disappointed at how quickly we seemed to move through the game, I like a game that continues on and goes a little deeper.  I guess maybe that is why it's more of a game geared towards kids because my 11-yr old son really liked it and is still playing it after finishing the game.  So if your kids don't want anything too in depth this would be a good game for them, or if they just like playing a game based on a movie this is good for that too.

Hop: The Movie for DS and Rango for Wii are both available in stores and online.
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