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Mother's Day - Cleaning with Sun & Earth

This Mother's Day why not give mom something she can feel good about cleaning with?
About Sun & Earth:
Our Commitment to You - After many years of watching advertisements claiming that petro-chemicals with mysterious names were the best way to clean house, we set out to prove that non-toxic cleaners can clean as well or better than more well-known national brands. We knew people wanted products made with non-toxic ingredients that didn't sacrifice performance. After extensive research, we developed cleaners made from coconut and orange oils that clean and shine beautifully and have an appealing fresh citrus scent. Sun & Earth formulated cleaners for people sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in most national brands. Our satisfied customers told their friends about Sun & Earth and now we are a leading brand of safe, natural, non-toxic cleaning products.

No Performance Compromise - Our Laundry and cleaning products work as well as, or better than, leading national brands at removing grease, dirt, stains and odors.
Safeguarding Your Family's Health - All our laundry products and cleaning products are free of petroleum based cleaners, chlorine, phosphates, dyes and perfumes that leave behind residue that could be harmful to your family, children and pet's health.
Non-Toxic and Earth-Friendly - We use the latest technology to create cleaning agents from plant, fruit and vegetable oils that are non-toxic to your family and safe for the Earth.

My Take:
I received the Retail Partner Customer Favorites Package.

Here is what it included:
• 50 oz. 2x Laundry Detergent with citrus scent
 22 oz. Xtra Dish Liquid
 22 oz. All Purpose Cleaner
 8 oz. Handsoap
 32 oz. Floor Cleaner

This was sure a nice way to start my day, opening up a package of household cleaning products! No sarcasm there, it was like "Happy Birthday Mommy"! I love getting products to review that I can actually use in my home.  Especially when they are as good as the Sun & Earth line. I am sure my family thought I was nuts how excited I was to get this box, and I am sure it didn't help that the first thing I did was open a bottle and give it a big ole sniff!  I love the citrus scent these products have, it's so much nicer than a bleach or chemical smell. And to top it off all of their products are safe, natural, and non-toxic. I love it an entire line of cleaning products I can feel good about using. I've been using them all the last few weeks and my home really smells nice right after I get finished. I like using the hand soap and the way it gives my hands a nice clean and fresh scent. I would have to say Sun & Earth products cut dirt and grim just as well as if not better on some things than other comparable cleaners on the market.
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