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Mother's Day with Smiley Cookie

About Smiley Cookie:
It started as a half-baked idea more than 20 years ago — a smiley cookie as the vehicle to communicate the ethos of a restaurant — Eat’n Park, the Place for Smiles. Soon our cookie became not just the signifier of a delightful family dining experience, but a symbol of commitment to community and charitable giving, indeed, the mascot of the company. (Who knew a six-foot walking sugar cookie would have such draw. You have to be cracking a smile by now!)  Today, every child that dines at Eat’n Park receives the surprise of a buttery, rich, delicious smiley cookie, totaling more than 1 million free cookie treats each year. Every day, our cookies are distributed to community, charity and fundraising events. Every year, more than 200,000 smiling cookies are donated to local non-profit organizations. That’s a lot to smile about.

My Take:
Isn't this box the cutest!  Almost as cute as the smiley heart cookies inside, but not quite! These aren't just any ordinary sugar cookies either, they are so buttery and delicious. I took them to the baby shower I threw a few weeks ago, and needless to say NONE of them came back home with me. All the girls were talking about how cute the little faces were. They were like hotcakes at your local iHop. Each package of Smiley Cookies starts out being placed in a plastic container, then it's wrapped and sealed with a plastic cellophane, and finally placed in the cute smiley box shown above.  Smiley Cookies really takes pride in their cookies and it shows in the way they package their cookies.  I like that with Smiley Cookies you can order a pre-made gift package by occasion/holiday, or you can create your own in three easy steps.  You can pick the cookie shape you want, the color of base icing, and finally the smiley face icing then wallah you get a package of custom scrumptious Smiley Cookies!

Sign up for their web club (lower right corner of the main page) and you can get $5 off your next order!
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