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Trading Phrases Review

Ever think about redecorating but you don't think you could do it on your own?  We'll I'm here to tell you YES YOU CAN! With Trading Phrases you can spice up any room in your house with a simple message or picture.  Here is the wall decal I recently got from them to apply to my daughter's room.

Doesn't it look awesome! We chose this decal because as you can see it went right along with the other stickers we already were using on her bedroom walls.  I was very excited at how wonderful it turned out, and my daughter loved it.

It was very easy to apply, first I made sure the wall was clean then I taped the design to the wall for placement, next I peeled the top layer off and slowly let the decal layer down and smoothed it onto the wall with the Installation Tool. It was really a simple process and if you need it they even feature a video right on their website. I can't wait to order some more decals to liven up some other rooms in our house.  These decals really do make a room pop!

This one that was also included in our package we used above her closet door with a flower and butterfly we cut off the original design above.

What are Wall Decals?

Wall decals are precision cut adhesive vinyl designs that are applied to walls and other surfaces.  Our decals are 100% removable, and look like they've been professionally painted.  Give your wall a great personality - your personality!

Buy it:  You can find these awesome decals at Trading Phrases.
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