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Day 7 : Strawesome

I had always wondered what all the hype was when reading posts on Facebook and other blogs about  Strawesome straws.  So I contacted them myself and got a sample for my own reviewing purposes. It took a little while to get used to the size and the fact that it was not plastic that was bendable like throw-away straws. But after a few uses I got a little more used to it, so I gave it to my son to test out. (Yes I tried it out myself before sharing) : )  He was really afraid of it breaking when he was using it, but I reassured him it would not easily break, especially while just drinking through it. I think I would like the bent straws a little better than the straight version, I find myself bending plastic straws even when they aren't the bendy kind.

I was amazed at all of the great patterns and styles I found on the Strawesome website. They offer Decorative Straws, Colored Straws, Bent Straws, and more!

Why Reusable Straws?

Here are ten reasons (in no particular order) why reusable glass drinking straws are the way to go:

  1. Concern about plastic usage is at an all-time high. Glass drinking straws are one way to limit your exposure to toxins from plastics because they're toxin-free! No BPAs, phthalates, etc.
  2. If you use straws a lot, think about how many plastic straws you throw in to a landfill every year.  Including the instances you dine out at restaurants this number can be astronomical!  Being green has never been so easy.  Replacing your disposable plastic straws with a glass straw is one little thing you can do to help save our planet.
  3. The feeling of glass on your lips will help you lose weight on your hips! Not only is it fun to drink from a glass straw but studies have shown that drinking from something more substantial than plastic may help you lose weight. 
  4. Strive to consume more water? Make it fun with a glass straw.  It really works!
  5. Want to help your kids eat more fruits & vegetables? Make it fun with a green smoothie and a glass straw. 
  6. According to speech therapists, glass straws help kids with oral development making it easier for them to learn to articulate and pronounce words.
  7. Jaw wired shut or have a hard time eating without a straw? A glass straw might do the trick!
  8. Has your dentist mentioned teeth staining? Use a glass straw to have your beverages bypass your teeth when you drink coffee, tea, red wine, or any acidic beverage and then see what your dentist says at your next checkup.
  9. If you are a smoothie lover, guess what? Yep! Glass straws make smoothie consumption a whole 'notha experience. Perfect for the green smoothie,  protein shake, or any thick beverage!
  10. Want a gift for the person who has everything?  Buy them a personalized glass straw from Strawesome. Drinking straws are great gifts for special occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, or corporate gifts. 
Buy it:  You can find Strawesome straws online or a at a few select retailers.

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Visit Strawesome and tell me your favorite straw color/design/style.

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