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Trying Something New

I've been using this blog so far for posting updates on my family, but I think I am also going to attempt to pass on savings I have gotten through here also for others to save and enjoy some great samples like I've been getting!

A few of the groups I belong to offer samples and sometimes even full-size products to try in return for sharing my opinion on them or passing along coupons about them. My favorites so far are:
FishfulThinking (I've gotten an entire box of Gold Fish Samples to share along with pamphlets from them recently)

Vocalpoint (I've gotten full size face cream, Swash from Tide sample, Del Monte SunFresh and Orchard Select fruit coupons)

BzzAgent (This is one of my favorites, I've gotten a Free Glade Sence & Spray, several samples of Aveeno Nourish+ Hair Care, and a box and coupons of Children's Zyrtec Perfect Measure)

Swagbucks (You get "bucks" just for doing normal daily searches, beats using google since you get rewarded! I've saved up enough bucks so far for an giftcard, I am excited to get it!)

InboxDollars (you get $$ for doing surveys, shopping thru their site, and even playing games. Once you hit $30 you can request a check from them!)

Zoompanel (you get points for doing easy surveys, then you can use the points to purchase rewards from their "store". I'm saving up for something big!)

Pop-Tarts Sprinklings (So far I've gotten coupons for free Pop-tarts, and recently a free sample of the new Grape Pop-tarts flavor)

Wow that's alot, hopefully this list helps you save and get some great samples too! And now for the big finale......
Houseparty (Through this site I've hosted several "House Parties" You fill out a survey for a particular products/service, then patiently wait to see if you've been choosen. I've had parties for Ford, Healthy Choice, Chef Michaels Dog Food, Clairol Hair Color, Velveeta, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese. All gave me several coupons for free products and party supplies. I am preparing for a Digiorno Pizza party at the end of them month now!) I'll be sure to post when I get my party package so you can see all the awesome things I got!
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