Stacy Tilton Reviews: Meet Oscar and get ready for some fun filled laughs!

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Meet Oscar and get ready for some fun filled laughs!

Meet Oscar, he's a desert-dwelling, water-and food-seeking lizard. He's also the star of Oscar’s Oasis a hilarious non-verbal cartoon series for kids from TeamTO. When I first started watching some of the episodes of Oscar’s Oasis I immediately began to think about the silent cartoons I enjoyed as a child. The Road Runner was the first to come to mind though because Oscar’s Oasis is also set in the desert. It reminded me of when the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote would battle it out. This time however it's three against one as a trio of a fox, vulture and hyena are all up against poor ole Oscar. Being the smallest of them all though has both it's advantages as well as it's disadvantages.

It really amazes me how kids will stop what they are doing to sit, listen, and watch shows like this one because there aren't any words. I can still remember how my son would go absolutely quite and still when Tom & Jerry would come on. I like it because it keeps their full attention. They can't be up playing or using electronics at the same time. It's funny because as you are watching Oscar’s Oasis you don't really even realize they aren't speaking. You can follow right along with the story-line just the same as if they were though!

Oscar’s Oasis, for the school age set, follows the adventures of Oscar the lizard and the Trio – Popy the fox, Buck the vulture and Harchi the hyena – with whom he’s always competing for resources. Stuck in the middle of the arid desert, Oscar and his friends (and foes!) try to survive and, above all, not die from boredom in their endless quest to find water, shade, food, and something fun to do. Life can be tough for a lonely lizard and it sometimes seems like the entire world is against him – which, in the case of Oscar, it often is! – but he always tries to make the best of every situation.

You can check out the fun filled teaser below:

Oscar’s Oasis is available to stream on Netflix and the Oscar’s Oasis YouTube channel.

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  1. He looks pretty cute, lol. One of my nephews' favorite cartoons is Rabbids, which is one of those nonverbal cartoons (well, they 'talk' in a sort of gibberish sometimes.) I remember the ones you're talking about & I liked them as a kid.

  2. He looks nice very cute

  3. LOVE the characters, they are darling. It is amazing how a non verbal cartoon can hold attention. They look very expressive, and fun.
    ellen beck

  4. This looks really cute! We watch a lot of Netflix so I will be on the lookout.