Stacy Tilton Reviews: Give them a one of a kind gift they won't forget!

Tuesday, November 29

Give them a one of a kind gift they won't forget!

When it comes to gift giving I like to give gifts that people can use, and they won't just toss aside and forget after a few uses. Unique gifts are actually one of my favorites because it means it's something they probably won't already have and will be really excited to receive too. One such gift could be this Personalized Rolling Storage Crate. It would be super cute holding logs by the fire place, toys for the kids, or really anything you want to be portable. I got this one with our name on it and the date my husband and I got married. Once we finish getting our wood stove area remodeled I'll be filling it with kindling. I think the rustic pine finish gives it a nice color that will match the decor of the area too so it will fit right in. I'll be sharing a photo on my social media when it's finished so be sure to follow me so you don't miss it! In the meantime it's sitting nicely by our front door ready to hold anything the kids bring in and don't want to lose.

With the ability to customize these crates, you can create the perfect gift for anyone. Festive Holiday Crates for holding gifts, Personalized Planter Crates for the gardeners, Personalized Toy Boxes for the little ones, even crates for your beloved pets (they have toys and clothes to store too!)- the possibilities are endless. You are sure to find a gift that will excite!

From our wood shop in Georgia, Vermont, we are proud to bring you the quality and personal touch of personalized crates. is 100% employee owned, with a well-skilled crew averaging 18 years of experience in woodworking and wood production.  Our crates are made from high quality, sustainable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified pine.

We grew out of our sister company, Gardener’s Supply, which for over 30 years has been supplying home gardeners with innovative products and advice to help their customers become better gardeners. Every order is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and Gardener’s Supply also stands behind every order, so you know you will get great personal service, and are ordering securely and without risk.  The only one who cares more than us about your special event and crate is you!

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  1. This would be a great gift. Everyone needs extra storage (I definitely do!) & this is a way to make that storage look really neat!