Stacy Tilton Reviews: Re-seal Almost Anything with REtape!

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Re-seal Almost Anything with REtape!

I've always wanted to find the tape similar to one they use on some packages like bulk cheese. I thought it would be so much easier to use to seal packages that you open and close often but don't want to use a bulky clip on. And now I have just the solution. It's called REtape. REtape is amazing. It's like tape, but you can use it over and over again and it doesn't loose it's stickiness like standard tape. Finally a way to seal up a bag without using a clip that takes up lots of extra space.

Chip clips are too bulky.  Twist ties don’t seem to fit around pretzel bags or cereal bags. Everyday tape loses its stick and doesn’t reseal. REtape is a new tape perfect for saving time and money by allow you to re-use, re-seal and re-tape packages for food, pet supplies, toiletries, arts & crafts items, office items and much more.  Created by an at-home inventor, REtape has a patent-pending system for turning the tape end into a easy to lift tab --- allowing you to remove the REtape, use your item, then re-seal using your REtape.  In addition, it is easy to write on REtape so that you can best seal school/camp lunches, items for trips to the park or beach --- the list goes on and on.


  1. Sounds like a really useful product. We could definitely use that around my house. I'm always having trouble keeping bags/boxes sealed. Thanks for the review.

  2. Sound really good, need to look for this in the store.

  3. This would come in handy at my house. I usually use regular tape, but this is so much better.