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Turn your Side by Side into The Ultimate Ride!

The Ultimate Ride
If you’ve got a side by side sitting in the garage, then it’s time to get it out in the field. Whether you’re running it out to the field to check on livestock, using it on trips out in the woods or just driving around for fun, it’s time to take your ride to a higher level.

Safety Considerations
Pick up a spare tire so that you won’t have to be stranded out in the field. As you go over rough terrain, you may puncture the tire, so it’s important to have your backup plan on board. Choose a universal spare that will fit different models and you can take it with you when you upgrade to a better model. Install skid plates and guards on the bottom of your machine to protect the engine and lines from rocks and debris that may come up out of the ground. Another option is to install a lift kit that will give you the clearance you need to navigate rough ground and clear a range of different ruts.

The Need for Speed
If you like hitting top speeds in the open areas, then a windshield and roof should top your list of side x side accessories. Block the wind from hitting you in the face and protect yourself from flying debris. You’ll enjoy the ride more and get more use out of your vehicle with the rain protection. You can also improve your suspension to ensure that your excursions are smoother and more enjoyable.

Year-Round Function
People who live in cold climates often park their side by sides throughout the snowy months, but it’s time to get your vehicle out of the shed and fire it up. All-weather wheels will give you the traction that you need, and you can also get your machine ready for the cold weather. With an enclosure kit and a heater, you won’t be slowed down by artic weather that sweeps down out of Canada. If you’re tired of shoveling your driveway the old fashioned way, then consider adding a plow to the front of your side by side. With this handy tool, you just may look forward to the next snowfall.

Side by sides are a top vehicle for people who in the back areas of the country and need vehicles that can handle the terrain. While your current ride may not suit all of your purposes, it’s easy to make a few changes and upgrade it. Invest in these accessories so that you can create the ultimate ride.


  1. These are all excellent tips! Year-round function is important!

    1. I agree, I know we use ours all year. Summer yard work and winter fun!


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