Stacy Tilton Reviews: Move Over Oscars, This Year's Award Season Has Gone to the...Cats #CatsMeowAwards @meowmix

Tuesday, January 5

Move Over Oscars, This Year's Award Season Has Gone to the...Cats #CatsMeowAwards @meowmix

The Meow Mix Acatemy has voted and the results are in: The winner of the 2015 Internet is...Cats. From Reddit posts to Buzzfeed lists, it's im-paw-sible to scroll through your news feed without a cat pouncing its way into your heart.

I recently partnered with Meow Mix to help kick off award show season and recognize this year's top theatrical performances (on the Internet, of course) for The 2015 Cat's Meow Awards.

Move over, Robert Meowny, Jr., Jenni-purr Aniston and Leonardo DiCatrio -- the year's most anticipated awards show honors a flurry of furry faces.

Meow Mix received more than 25,000 submissions for the Cat's Meow Awards, which celebrates the best cat moments of the year and the one-of-a-kind bond that only cats and humans share.

Finally... an awards show starring my favorite types of purr-formers: cats!

View clips from this The Cat's Meow Awards show below:

Best Cat-hlete:

WINNER: Miricle and cat Panda (Buckeye, AZ) in "Crazy Legs Panda"

Best Cat Cuddle:

WINNER: Lindsay and cats Manny and Oliver (Fayettevile, NY) in "Brother Snuggles"

Wild Cat Card:

WINNER: Craig and cat Fred (Rome, NY) in "What's Up?"

Con-cat-ulations to the all of the 2015 Cat's Meow Awards nominees and winners!

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Which Cat's Meow Award clip did you enjoy the most? I know I really enjoyed the Wild Cat Card myself!


  1. As a cat owner I can totally relate to these videos... I think the Brother Snuggles video was cute!

  2. The cat-hlete clip is cute! Youtube cat videos are always fun to watch.