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5 Great Movie Moms

It's true when they say that no one can love you like your mom does. As a mom I know this first hand because there's no one that could love my kids as unconditionally as I do. In my book everyday is a day that a mom deserves recognition and here are some of the movies that properly honor us moms for all of the caring and sharing that we do.

Here are 5 movie moms that deserve to be honored:

LEIGH ANNE TUOHY (played by Sandra Bullock) – “The Blind Side”
Michael Oher was bouncing from one foster home to another when Leigh Anne Tuohy took notice of how the over-sized athlete was friendly to her young son. So Leigh Anne insists that “Big Mike” come stay with her family in their house. Leigh Anne helps him improve his performance in the classroom and on the football field. In real life, Michael Oher went on to become a Super Bowl champion, and Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her role in the film.

JACK BUTLER (played by Michael Keaton) – “Mr. Mom”
Okay, technically “Mr. Mom” isn’t really a mother, but what better way to pay tribute to just how hard it is to be a mom than to let a dad try it out for a change. When Jack Butler gets laid off, he decides to stay home with the kids while his wife goes back into the workforce. The situation is not quite as unique nowadays as it was when the movie was made in 1983, but the message still rings true: mothers are the hardest working people on the planet, and one day a year isn’t enough to truly express how much they mean to us.

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MRS. GUMP (played by Sally Field) – “Forrest Gump”
Sally Field has portrayed several uncompromising mothers, like in her Oscar-winning turns in “Norma Rae” and “Places From the Heart.” But her most memorable might be the understanding and determined mother of Forrest Gump. When he was a child, she did everything she could to get her son the home, medical care, and education he needed. And when he grows up to become an unlikely success, she gives him the strength to go on without her, along with the advice that guides him on his path: “Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.”

IANNE ROCHER (played by Juliette Binoche) – “Chocolat”
Sometimes being a good mother means not conforming to what everyone else says a mom should do. That’s the case for Vianne, a free-spirited chocolatier who moves with her daughter to a pious little French village and sets up shop right as the townsfolks are observing the season of Lent. Vianne’s delectable treats help her new neighbors reconnect with their families and learn to stand up for themselves. And Vianne shows her daughter both the importance of keeping true to yourself and that it’s never too late to find love (with Johnny Depp, no less).

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MRS. JUMBO – “Dumbo”
Mrs. Jumbo is a circus elephant who has waited so long for a stork to drop a little bundle at her feet, that when her son does finally arrive it doesn't bother her at all that he’s a little gifted in the ear department. Not only is she immediately accepting of her child’s differences, she’s also fiercely of him. When bratty kids bully him, she steps in, getting branded as a “mad elephant,” and is locked away as a result. But she’s still able to rock him to sleep in her trunk and sing him one of the best lullabies ever, “Baby Mine.” It turns out a mother’s love is all it really takes for a child to fly on their own.

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  1. You have given me some ideas for movie night on Mother's Day. I have not seen "The Blind Side". I like to watch movies that are either inspirational or funny.


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