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Time to Catch up with Caillou!

Caillou is a 4-year-old boy who delights in the small wonders of the world around him, embellishing everything he sees with his rich imagination. Thanks to his vivid imagination, ordinary, everyday events quickly become exciting adventures in which Caillou can play “make-believe.” CAILLOU is designed for preschoolers and focuses on role-playing and “make-believe”.

Caillou’s Furry Friends” is available on DVD. The DVD run time is approximately 58 minutes and its SRP is $12.99. The DVD contains special features including coloring pages and activities.

Dog Dilemma
When Sarah gets a new dog, Caillou is actually a little jealous. All Sarah wants to do is play with her new pup! Caillou feels a little annoyed with the dog...until he dog-sits for an afternoon and realizes Sarah’s dog is actually pretty great. He and Sarah talk about their feelings, and they decide it’d be fun for all of them to play together. 
Caillou’s Cricket
Caillou inadvertently brings a cricket in the house and decides it’ll be fun to keep it as a pet. When the cricket gets loose and Caillou goes on a wild-cricket hunt, he’s suddenly able to see things from the cricket’s perspective...and decides to put the cricket back outside where it belongs.
Caillou’s Cross-Hop
Caillou doesn’t want to hold hands and obey safety rules...until he discovers a bunch of tiny frogs that need help crossing the street. Realizing it’s hard work helping others to cross the road safely, he has a new appreciation for Mommy and Daddy’s rules.
Kitty Conundrum
Caillou finds a tiny kitten while desperately searching for his beloved Rexy. He wants to keep the kitten, even though Mommy and Daddy say ‘no’ – they have Gilbert! When Samantha comes to the door to claim her lost kitten, “Whiskers,” Caillou fetches the kitty...and finds Rexy!  He remembers it isn’t fun losing something you care about, and happily returns the kitty to its rightful owner.
Lost and Found
When things begin to go missing around the house – like Mommy’s keys – Mommy blames Gilbert. Caillou is sure Gilbert didn’t take them...and he sets out to prove it!  Together, Caillou, Mommy and Rosie backtrack through the house and eventually discover Caillou’s theory was right – Gilbert didn’t take the keys – Mommy left them in the door handle!
Play with Me!
Caillou has no one to play with!  Mommy, Daddy, and Rosie are all busy, and Caillou is bored and frustrated...until he meets a ladybug who inadvertently shows Caillou that his family members aren’t the only ones who are busy – so are the birds and squirrels and ants. Caillou comes to realize that everyone is busy sometimes – even animals and insects – and he decides to get busy too...drawing his new friends.
Caillou Roars
After watching a nature show about lions, Caillou decides he wants to be a lion! He roars and paws his way around the house, causing Mommy and Daddy to remind him that there’s a time and place for everything. Caillou realizes the downside of being a lion when his ‘roars’ scare a baby in the park. He decides there really is a time and place for everything – and sometimes, he just needs to be a boy.

Caillou’s  Can Do Collection!” is available on DVD starting March 10th. The run time is approximately 230 minutes on 3 discs and the DVD SRP is $19.99.

This 3-DVD collection features 30 classic stories which will have any preschooler taking on life’s small challenges and feeling they Can Do with Caillou! The three fun-filled DVDs featured within this set are “Big Kid Caillou,” “Caillou, The Everyday Hero,” and “Caillou’s World of Wonder.” CAILLOU airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

“Big Kid Caillou”
• Big Kid Caillou
• Caillou’s Glasses
• Caillou’s Dance Party
• Helping Mrs. Howard
• Caillou’s Fun Run
• The New Girl

“Caillou, The Everyday Hero”
• Caillou Helps Out
• Caillou the Firefighter
• Caillou to the Rescue
• Where’s Gilbert?
• Where I Saw it Last
• Lost in the Jungle
• Caillou and the Water Slide
• Caillou the Sailor
• Creepy Crawlies!
• Caillou the Road Builder
• Caillou’s Building Adventure
• House in the Sky

“Caillou’s World of Wonder”
• Show and Tell
• Caillou the Magician
• Caillou’s Castle
• Caillou Plays the Drums
• Caillou’s Marching Band
• Caillou Sings
• Everyone’s Best
• Stronger Every Day
• No More Training Wheels
• Caillou of the Antarctic
• Deep Sea Caillou
• Caillou in the Bayou

Buy it:  You can purchase Caillou: Caillous Furry Friends and Caillou: Caillou's Can Do Collection on Amazon or in stores.

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  1. My son loved watching Caillou when he was younger! This would be a great set.


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