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Get colorful and creative with Liquid Chalkers

I remember when I was a kid and we would use the chalkboard to write on in school. Occasionally the teacher would let us draw and have some fun when we had indoor recess and we thought it was the coolest thing. Being able to draw, erase, and draw again. I also remember the mess that it would create. Chalk dust in the air, chalk on my clothes, the mess was just everywhere. Now days most teachers have disposed of the messy chalkboards and switched to dry erase boards. Now there's a nice big white canvas just waiting for lots of colorful creativity. That's where Liquid Chalkers come in! Liquid Chalkers are a unique type of marker that allow you to write/draw/color on multiple surfaces, not just chalkboards. To use your Liquid Chalkers you start off by activating the marker by pressing the end down on a hard surface a few times. Once the ink is activated and fills the tip the marker is ready to use. Because of the angled tip you can write and draw with thin and thick lines. This is great because it eliminates the need for two sets of markers to have both a fine line and thick line. One of the other great parts is that they contain completely non-toxic ink so they are safe for children of all ages to get creative. We used our chalkers on our whiteboard and after we were done it wiped away easily with just a napkin. It didn't leave behind any color and we were able to draw over and over again without any trouble.


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  2. These sound really nice and the bright colors are amazing. I would love to get a couple sets of these for my grandchildren.

  3. If you get it on your clothing, will it wash out?

    1. I can't say as we didn't get it on our clothing.