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Join me on #TeamSnuggle at the Bear Den

Bear Den

I just joined #TeamSnuggle! Come and join me so we can have fun together! Join me in the Bear Den and be entered to win a free Snuggle product and bear!

What is the Bear Den and Team Snuggle?
Being part of Team Snuggle in the Bear Den is an opportunity to share your feedback and opinions on all things Snuggle. In addition to "missions" you can complete surveys that help us better understand you, the consumer, as well as participate in discussions and share ideas tailored to various topics.

"Missions" are special ambassador programs that allow you to experience the Snuggle brand in a fun way. You can qualify for missions by completing surveys, keeping your profile up-to-date and by participating in community activities like discussions. Keep an eye out for invitations. They will be coming very soon!

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