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Sweeten Life The Sugarless Way, with Sugar Free Ring Pop!

Ring Pop, the classic candy you grew up with, now has a sugarless, tooth-friendly version that’s ideal for today’s active kids! Sugar Free Ring Pops are available in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon!

Kids love the long-lasting flavor of Sugar Free Ring Pop, plus the fun plastic ring offers tons of bling to fuel imaginations! While kids daydream, moms will rest assured knowing that the plastic ring has another use: it stays put on little hands to prevent messes, making Sugar Free Ring Pop the perfect sweet for long summer road trips, birthday parties, scavenger hunts, and more. Moms also love Sugar Free Ring Pop because it is fat free, won’t cause cavities, and only contains 30 calories per pop!

Where to Buy
Look for Sugar Free Ring Pop at Walmart and BJ's stores nationwide. Sugar Free Ring Pops are also available at and

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My Take: 
I received two bags of Sugar Free Ring Pops to enjoy with my kids.  We shared one bag among us and used the other bag to share with the kids cousins so they could enjoy them too! I personally thought they were great.  There was no sacrifice in taste when making them Sugar Free.  I love that fact because I try to steer my kids away from high sugar candies as much as possible. I just dread holidays like Easter and Halloween when people pass on so much candy and sugary goodies. I've actually gone to gifts instead of candy whenever possible, and to be honest my kids really don't mind as long as they are getting some sort of little treat.  I guess this Halloween we can even drop in a few Ring Pops now that they are Sugar Free! : ) And as you can see the kids LOVED them too! My son thought it would be cool to see just how blue he could make his tongue.  Of course his sister tried the same, but the pink just didn't get very dark.

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