Friday, February 28

Scantopia: Free App Turns Cupboards into Cash!

Scantopia™ App Offers Cash Rewards for Scanning Bar Codes

About the App:
Scantopia is truly a one-of-a-kind app that "mashes-up" a win-money game with grocery savings. As you are aware there are many savings apps, coupon apps and grocery list apps.   But all of them suffer from a "lightly engaged" audience.  Yes, people are downloading such apps, but are they consistently using them?  No.

The makers of  Scantopia took a long hard look at the savings app/grocery list space -- and at apps in general -- and concluded that really two types of apps are consistently used by consumers: 1) hard core "utilities" like navigation or Facebook; and, 2) Games (think Candy Crush or Words with Friends).  This led us to conclude that for savings/list-keeping to become a "utility" it would also have to have an element of "addictive fun."   Early uptake/enthusiasm for Scantopia strongly suggest we're on the right path.  Over 200K downloads in 80 days.  More than 20,000 DAU (daily average users), neatly 5 million items scanned, and best of all more than half of users returning month-over-month (a very lofty number for an app). 

Scantopia is published by LuckyLabs, Inc ... a company that publishes games, but is along long on experience with coupons and consumer goods.

My take: 
I've been using Scantopia for a few weeks now, but haven't put a ton of time into it because of my overly busy schedule lately.  So far I've accumulated $2.51 in my account. Might not seem like much to you, but for as little as I've actually done it's a lot if you ask me.  It's very simple once you download the app and register with your information you're all set to go and start scanning.  You can scan any product that has a bar code. And if you ask me this is the really cool part, it knows what you just scanned! It actually shows you a picture of the product you just scanned. With the scan you will earn tokens (to be used for the Progressive Jackpot & Weird Sweeps) and of course cash. Sometimes it's only a few cents, sometimes more. It is very random. You can scan both at home and away from home..I'm thinking about doing some scans when I head to the grocery store tonight. Who knows maybe I'll rack up some big cash! With my tokens so far I've used some for entries into the weekly jackpot, and some towards a Sandwich Maker. It's really a lot of fun to use, and very easy. Definitely a great way to make a little "pocket change" for doing next to nothing. You can cash out with a little as $3 which is a lot less than other rewards Apps I've seen.

Please use code D9-JXV-RY when you sign up so they know I referred you!

Scantopia is always 100% free to use and is available at both the Apple iTunes and GooglePlay app stores.

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Scantopia. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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